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I have to admit, the thought of journaling hasn't crossed my mind in about a year, until tonight. Alex mentioned that she had started again, both when I visited her at work today and she had made a facebook post about it. It kind of got me thinking -- maybe I should try and give it another go... This time however, I think I'll try it on here; it IS a 'journaling' site after all. She does have a point though...writing your thoughts out can be very cathartic, and even help you puzzle things out when you're troubled and having problems concentrating...or, even if you have great news and really have nobody to share it with, but have to tell 'someone'. Journaling can provide that needed outlet, a release to express thoughts and emotions, to work through troubling thoughts that are plaguing your mind.

What's really nice about this site is that I can set entries to private, so only I can view them; I don't think the Wordpress-driven blog on my site has that option, but then again...I haven't really thought to look for it. Blogging itself is still fairly new to me overall, and I've only made a handful of posts through that. I mainly use that site to comment on something, then share it on my Facebook page, so it is what it is... Here, however, I can actually keep a personal journal, with private access settings...it's kind of cool.

I was going to use this post to start my 'journal' and even marked it private...but considering the general nature of this post and the fact that it really gives nothing of my personal thoughts away, I decided to make it 'public'...I guess it's really just an announcement (to whom I don't know) that I'm going to give journaling a try again...we'll see how it goes, right?
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