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Not sure why, but I've decided to throw this out there. Back in my younger days -- I guess you could say my 'emo' days, before emo was even a thing -- I wrote a poem; if memory serves me correctly, the inspiration behind it was a girl that I had met who at the time, was engaged to another guy that was in the Army or Marine Corps and was on deployment or something. We had hit it off really well, and when we had to stop hanging out with each other, it hit me a bit hard, and I think that's where this poem came from. anyway, here it is...

Life is nothing but one big game,
it plays with your emotions and mine just the same.
Some are fortunate when the dice are cast
to find a love -- a love that will last.
Others, on the other hand, are doomed by fate
to always be alone…to constantly wait.
To wait for that someone is torture and hell;
to know that no time soon you’ll hear that wedding bell.
Just when you think you’ve found that special one,
life pulls her away and tells you, “She’s not the one.”
The dice reach my hand, and I just can’t decide
whether to take my chance, or to run and hide.
Millions of thoughts run all through my head
every night as I lay there, awake in my bed.
If I throw the dice will I be one of the lucky few,
or will the dealer laugh at me and say, “Ha-ha! Screw you!”
But if I run and hide I’ll never be one of the few,
one of those who have someone to tell, “I Love You.”
Should I run or should I throw,
the outcome of either I don’t really know.
The one thing I do know is life is one big game,
it toys with your emotions and mine just the same.

                                - Justin Bassett


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